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The community is now open as of late 8-13-06/early 8-14-06. Since there are no members yet, the only votes that count are the mod votes. That means we are auto-accepting (or auto-rejecting) until we feel we have enough people to start regular voting. Even though we are auto-accepting you still must post an application to recieve one of our auto-accept spots.

Spots left: 10

All new applicants must be at least 18 years old.
You must fill out an application within 48 hours of joining this community. Don't join until you are ready to apply. If you don't apply within 48 hours you will recieve a warning and you will be banned. ALL LURKERS WILL BE BANNED!
Applicants are judged on looks & personality. There are different applications to emphasize different strengths, but after all is said and done the members will vote however they please. If you can't take criticism do not apply, members will be honest when they judge you.
You cannot comment or post on any entry but your own before you are stamped.
Make sure you leave all the coding alone in the application. All the coding is fine if you copy & paste it correctly. If it is not left behind the cut you will be warned and if you don't change it, it will be removed and you will be banned. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION IN RICH TEXT MODE!
Take your time on the application. Otherwise you most likely won't get accepted. Follow the rules outlined for each application. Ignore them will prevent you from becoming a stamped member, even if people vote 'yes'.
You can defend yourself against comments in your application but rudeness towards a member or mod will get you immediately banned. If a member was outright rude to you, do not worry about it, a mod will take care of it. Fighting back will just cause more problems.
To prove you read the rules put "I think I'm damn gorgeous" in the subject of your application.
No matter what happens, DO NOT DELETE YOUR APPLICATION this will get you immediately banned.
Do not change your answers in your application. If you find a simple spelling or HTML mistake, you may fix that. However, changing your answers is felt to be a form of cheating. DON'T DO IT.
If you are rejected you are urged to re-apply within 3 days. You may re-apply once with each application. You also must wait until your first application has been stamped before you re-apply, otherwise you will be auto-rejected the second time.
Please don't apply if you aren't planning on being active.
I hope you have a fun stay here. Welcome to damnxgorgeous!

Application One:
This application has been designed to emphasize your personality. But remember, members still vote however they please. If someone votes no because they don't like your pictures, that is still allowed. Change the lj-cut to "You're gonna love me for me" to prove you read this.

Application Two:
This application has been designed to focus on physical beauty. Remember, members can still vote however they please. If you get a "no" because someone didn't like an answer, that is still allowed. Change the lj-cut to "I'm a beauty, not a beast" to prove you read this.

Application Three:
This is a combination of the first two applications. It focuses on both personality and beauty. Change the lj-cut to "I have the whole package" to prove you read this.



Complete Member List
Member buttons/mini-banners for your user info can be found here.

Please try to be nice to everyone. Drama and pure rudeness can lead to banishment. Debating & defending yourself are welcomed but singling out members or name calling are not.
Try to be active. We will be checking for activity and will be doing member checks from time to time. If you are going on vacation or will be gone for awhile please make a new entry stating you're going on hiatus. If you don't inform us you're going on vacation you could be removed from the community simply because we think you're not active. Also remember to inform us when you return from hiatus.
When voting on an applicant give them at least 2 reasons why you voted the way you did. I'm not going to go around counting reasons but i don't want to see votes that just say "just no." or ".". Be honest, but try not to be exessively mean. The point is not to establish a pecking order.
Make sure you put your vote in the subject line. If you put sway make sure when you change your decision and make your final vote to put it in the subject line of the new comment.
You are urged to update at any time with a random member post with pictures, news or questions from your life but make sure any pictures and any extensive text is behind a cut and "STAMPED/topic" is written in the subject line.
You can promote other communities here but only if you put it behind a cut and you also promote us to them. Our promo banners can be found [HERE].

Since we are just starting out as a community, the first activity is community graphics creation. This can include promo banners, member buttons/mini-banners, icons, etc. Each creation will earn you 10 points.

Check your points here.

You can find our promo banners here.